Monday, May 3, 2021


Connections Fibre Artists once again collaborates with the Wellington County Museum & Archives and delivers a show with stunning new work inspired by some wonderful artefacts from deep within the archival files of the museum and brought to light ... chosen by the staff of the museum.

Helen Hughes and Sharron Deacon Begg were able to meet to see the show on a sunny Tuesday at the museum ... socially distancing  and wearing our masks ... just before the province-wide shutdown due to Covid 19.
These are Sharron's photos hence the less than professional quality ;)

Friday, July 24, 2020

Re;Fashion ~ Bruce County Museum ~ Southampton, Ontario, Canada

It has been a year since any new posts for Connections Fibre Artists. It went by quickly !
It certainly wasn't because Connections Fibre Artists weren't busy ... this author had other things on her plate ! Like moving house and home after 42 yrs. it took a lot of energy with not much to spare,

We put up a new show "Re:Fashion" at the Wellington County Museum & Archives -  September, 2019 - January, 2020 in Fergus. From there the show went directly to The Bruce County Museum in Southhampton, Ontario. 
the venue
... the gallery space
Wendy O'brien
Ralph Beney
Ralph Beney
Helen Hughes
Maggie Vanderweit
Nancy Yule
Sybil Rampen
Ann Sanders
Pat Hertzberg
Elizabeth Duggan Litch
Sharron Deacon Begg
Mita Giacomini
Bethany Garner
Gordana Brelih
                                                                        Linda Janzen
Chris Kummer
Wen Anderson Breedveld
Jackie Venus
Bev White
Wen Anderson Breedveld
Michaela Fitzsimmons
Dwayne Wanner
                                                             Dwayne Wanner
Dwayne Wanner
Gunnel Hag
Wendy O'Brien

New Shows coming up;
Wellington County Museum & Archives Feb-April 2021
Haliburton Forest - May 2021
BLUE ... info to follow